What is the Sunnyvale Education Foundation?

The Sunnyvale Education Foundation (SEF) is an independent, non-profit corporation dedicated to funding exciting new learning opportunities for Sunnyvale students and teachers.

How many student scholarships are awarded each year by SEF?

We annually fund 5 student scholarships at $11K total.

What is the difference between SEF and each school's PTA?

SEF’s core mission is fundraising. The foundation supports innovative learning initiatives not funded by the Sunnyvale ISD budget. The Sunnyvale PTA's mission is more complex: community-building, child advocacy, parent education, classroom and teacher support.

There are key differences in what SEF and PTA can support through fundraising efforts. SEF’s fundraising benefits every PreK-12 student, promotes equity and consistency among campuses, and ensures sustained and effective allocation of program, staff, and resources across the district. The PTA raises money to address site-specific needs such as playground equipment, classroom supplies, and campus beautification. Both organizations are important for our schools to thrive.

How can YOU support SEF?

Every dollar donated to the SEF supports the students and teachers of Sunnyvale ISD. You can be a part of this incredible opportunity to create meaningful learning in Sunnyvale classrooms.

How can I get involved in SEF?

We are always looking for individuals who have great ideas to better serve SISD. Check out our calendar for our next board member meeting and join to get all the details.

How much will SEF raise this year?

Our goal is $125K which is 25% more than last year's goal.

Does SEF reach out to the community and businesses?

Absolutely! We depend on these connections. Businesses understand making positive contributions to schools give children better educational opportunities. If you would like to help us make more connections, please contact us today!